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In addition to the YAML parameters shown in the first example, this letter displays some more parameters:

  • lco via this parameter you can specify your own letter layout in a Letter Class Option file or use one of the layouts predefined by KomaScript (see Introduction to komaletter). Here KomaScript’s US Letter Style is used.
  • papersize to set a paper size other than DIN A4, here the US letter.
  • inline-links causes links to be hot / active / clickable in the PDF and not implemented as footnote. You are still responsible for the styling of the linked text, here done as bold text.

RMarkdown of Letter

author: Max Mustermann
  - Musterstr. 12
  - 34567 Musterstadt
  - Robert Nuske
  - Hauptstr. 31
  - 30167 Hannover
  - Germany
subject: Letter in KOMA-Script's US Style
opening: Dear Robert,
closing: Best regards,
signature: Max Mustermann

lco: UScommercial9
papersize: letter

inline-links: true

output: komaletter::komaletter

Perhaps a re-engineering of your current world view will re-energize
your online nomenclature to enable a new holistic interactive
enterprise internet communication solution. Upscaling the resurgent
networking exchange solutions, achieving a breakaway systemic
electronic data interchange system synchronization, thereby exploiting
technical environments for mission critical broad based capacity
constrained systems, such as the [**komaletter repo**](

Fundamentally transforming well designed actionable information whose
semantic content is virtually null. To more fully clarify the current
exchange, a few aggregate issues will require thinking outside the box.

Resulting PDF Letter

The Letter rendered from above RMarkdown document via rmarkdown::render() or RStudio Knit button is shown below. The original PDF is also available.

Here should be an image of the PDF letter